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Ice Cream

Made from the milk of the cows that eat the grass that grows so lush on the beautiful islands of Orkney.

The farm has been in the Bichan family for over 50 years developing products through generations culminating in the award for Best Dairy Artisan Ice Cream in the UK.

Our product range is available in 100ml and 500ml retail packs and 4litre and Napoli foodservice packs.

Amongst the wide range of flavours are:

Orkney Original - deliciously creamy ice cream that tastes the way ice cream used to.

Vanilla - just a dash of vanilla sweetens the taste slightly.

Strawberry - our prize winning ice cream with a wonderful strawberry puree.

Raspberry - our stunning raspberry ice cream is a great Scottish favourite.

Chocolate - it doesn't get any better than this!

Mint Choc Chip - a not overly-sweet combination that brings out the best of these flavours.

Toffee Swirl - a gorgeous toffee flavour for those with a sweet tooth.

Apple Crumble, Toffee and Orkney Fudge and Marmalade Cheesecake.

Our plan is to extend out product range and announce new products on this website as they become available.

Gold Medal

Diplomas of Merit


Luxury Dairy Apple Crumble Ice Cream

Made with fresh Orkney milk and double cream, real apple pieces, a buttery crumble and spiced with cinnamon. The novel flavour combination was perfected in-house using feedback from the company’s own tasting panel. Pack size and shape were chosen to meet customers’ expectation of a luxury dairy ice cream, portraying a strong image of Orkney.


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